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We offer stain removal services across Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch and surrounding areas. As a Woolsafe Approved Service Provider we specialise in carefully treating high quality tufted and woven wool fibres and all styles of synthetic fibres including nylon, polypropylene, wool mixes and viscose to remove many of the common problem stains.

We take care to ensure the stain is treated in the safest way so as to prevent any damage to the carpet, rug or upholstery.

If you have spilled a drink or any other fluid on your carpet make sure you don't rub the area or it may cause irreversible damage. Dry, white paper towels are the best start for liquids as they will drag out surprising amounts of fluid before you would have to do anything else. Gently blot onto the affected area and see what comes out. Soils can be scooped up with a spoon before blotting with kitchen towels.  If you feel you have to use something else then a Woolsafe Approved product would be a good choice as it will be safer for the carpet.

four dye stains on a wool carpet caused by wet clothes dripping onto the carpet

1.   Colour stains

Care must be taken with stains that contain colours as incorrect treatment can set the dyes into fibres especially natural ones. Products containing active oxygen or bleaching agents can discolour fibres so we would advise against their use on wool or other natural fibres.

The four dye marks have been treated with spot treatments and are reacting to this and reducing in strength

2.   Pre treatment

Treating the stains can require different techniques and products. We select the best treatments to use for individual stains and allow time for them to work. multiple treatments may be required to ensure complete removal of all parts of the stain.

The four dye marks have been treated and extracted fully to remove them

3.   Full removal

Stain removal can be a challenge but we are able to use many industry approved solutions to help us remove stains. We would discourage the use of consumer products as this can reduce the chances of us removing some stains.

This shows a polypropylene carpet which has oil stains from an electric rising armchair

1.   Oil stains

To remove oil stains techniques using solvent spotters or solvent gels would be required. These gels sit on the surface and slowly dissolve the oil content allowing them to be removed more successfully than with normal cleaning solutions.

2.   Gel cleaning

The gels are applied to the stain to cover all areas. A spatula is used to spread it around and bring it into contact with all the oil or grease. After sufficient dwell time this will be extracted.

The oily marks have been trearted with a surface gel for oil and grease removal
Following hot water extraction cleaning the oil marks were fully removed

3.   Drying and pile setting

After cleaning the area we will hopefully have removed the traces of oil and can thouroughly rinse the area with an Eco-friendly product to ensure no residues are left behind. Driers can be used if the area needs to be dried out before being returned to use.

The same carpet with the green stain but it has been fully removed
A wool carpet with a green circular stain from a bathroom cleaning product

Some do's and dont's

Don't scrub or rub the carpet.....

It's the worst thing you can do as any pile distortion caused, will be permanent even if the stain can be removed.

*  Scoop up solids with a spoon then blot

*  Blot liquids with plain kitchen towels

*  Only use stain removal products sparingly

*  Always use Woolsafe Approved solutions on

wool to prevent Ph damage

A white dining room chair with a red wine stain on the back and base
The white dining room chair with the red wine stain fully removed



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