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We clean Tencel and viscose carpeting in Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch and surrounding areas of Dorset. We have been trained in conjunction with Jacaranda carpets and the Woolsafe Organisation to be able to tackle cleaning and stain removal on this challenging fibre. We take great care to ensure our attempts at cleaning are as effective as possible without changing the look and feel of the fibre.

We are normally able to reduce the appearance of staining and sometimes fully remove them but due to its absorbent nature changes in appearance are likely. If some form of protection has been applied to the fibres then the chances of preventing stains and the likelyhood of removing them is increased. 

For more information and some advice please call us on 01202 779775 or 07940 734964.

1.   Dry soil removal

This is always the first step in all our cleaning processes including Tencel. We use a powerful upright vacuum cleaner to remove the dry soil, grit and dust which makes up most of the insoluble soiling in the carpet.

An upright vacuum cleaner being used on carpet

2.   Pre treatment

Targeting the remaining soiling we select which pre conditioning spray will be the most effective. This will help to break down the remaining soil and separate it from the carpet fibres.

A pre treatment spray being applied to a carpet
Dry compound brushing machine on carpet

3.   Dry Compound Clean

After pre treating the carpet a dry compound powder will be applied to the carpet and brushed into the fibres.

This absorbs the moisture and soiling as it dries and is subsequently removed with a dry vacuum when finished. 

Staining on Tencel / Viscose carpeting

4.   Special Situations :-

If staining or soiling is prominent then to improve the chances of effective cleaning a wet extraction process would be employed. This form of stain removal comes with risks to the texture and appearance of the fibre but is the most effective method to tackle stains.

5.   Extraction cleaning

After pre treatments have been applied and lightly brushed the carpet will be wet rinse extracted to remove all the residual soiling. Due to the absorbent nature of the Tencel fibre it will take much longer to dry and there may be issues to deal with after cleaning but these can be managed.

Extraction cleaning the carpet with a floor wand
Water droplets sitting on top of a protected Tencel carpet

6.   Protecting your carpet : -

The absorbent nature of the Tencel and viscose fibres mean that stains can quickly be absorbed. For the best protection it is recommended to apply carpet protector products but these must be suitable for the fibre and applied in a very specific way or the protector will give almost no protection.

Stain removal testing

This shows some of the stain removal testing completed as part of the training course run by the Woolsafe Organisation, which enabled Clean and Fresh Limited to be included as a cleaning partner for Jacaranda carpets.

Stains being treated and removed from Tencel test pieces

This shows the progress of removal of 3 common stains from Tencel fibres in a Jacaranda carpet.

The stains are red wine, blackcurrant juice and coffee. ( Not decaffeinated and white with 2 sugars )

It does take longer than conventional stain removal on common fibres due to its absorbancy and delicacy. Effective results can be achieved with the right approach but there are risks associated with adding moisture and these will be discussed before any work takes place..



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