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We offer a high performance truckmounted commercial carpet cleaning service in Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch and surrounding areas. We are able to clean large areas of carpeting more effectively with our truck mounted self powered carpet cleaning system. We clean deeper and faster and recover more water which reduces drying times. We clean natural fibres in high quality tufted and woven carpeting and all styles of synthetic fibres including nylon, polypropylene and polyester. We work with our clients to get the best possible clean and take great care to ensure the service provided meets or exceeds their requirements.

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An industrial upright vacuum cleaner cleaning a carpet prior to wet cleaning

1.   Dry soil removal

We always start with this first step in all our carpet cleaning. We use a powerful upright vacuum cleaner to remove the dry soil, grit and dust which can make up 80% of the insoluble soiling in the carpet.

2.   Pre treatment

After vacuuming the carpet we apply a suitable pre conditioning spray to remove the soiling from the carpet fibres.

Applying a traffic lane cleaner to the carpet before cleaning it
A gel cleaner being applied to a grease spot on a carpet

3.   Spot removal

We treat all spots and stains as we go so as to increase the time for our products to work. We aim to treat and hopefully remove the maximum amount of these marks before or during extraction.

A contra rotating brush machine is used for brushing the traffic lane cleaner throught the carpet to release more soil

4.   Agitation

To help remove the maximum amount of soil we brush the carpet to increase the chances of the cleaning solutions contacting the soil deep in the carpet. This can be done with mechanical aggitation on larger areas.

5.   Extraction rinse

When all treatments have been completed the carpet will be rinse extracted with a hot water rinse to remove all the residual soiling leaving the carpet completely clean.

Showing a carpet being cleaned with hot water extraction showing the dirty carpet with the wand having cleaned one area to contrast the before and after colour of the cream carpet
An air blower being used to dry a carpet

6.   Carpet Drying

After the cleaning is finished we can deploy driers to speed up the drying process. The movement of air will reduce the dring times greatly. 

Our truck mounted carpet cleaning machine cleaning carpets in a commercial building
Our truck mounted carpet cleaning system cleaning the carpets at a community centre

What we need during cleaning : -

We need to park close to the door of the building as two hoses are run from the van so no vehicular access can be allowed between the building and the van. After cleaning is completed we are fully liscenced to carry the waste product away from site for disposal on small jobs.

On larger jobs we would need access to a hose pipe connection for fresh water and a manhole cover to a sewer drain to allow the dirty water to be pumped away. The machine can run for long periods whilst cleaning and automatically pumping the dirty water to a waste drain.

What we aim to achieve : - 

The cleaning of all carpeted areas to remove soil and wherever possible the various stains to get the best results possible. In office environments we would need any items that are normally on the floor to be removed or put on top of desks but swivel chairs can be moved no problem.

We are happy to visit to look at the job and to disscuss your individual requirements and talk about possible outcomes.



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