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We offer a highly effective immersion rug cleaning service based in Bournemouth and covering Wimborne, Ringwood, Ferndown, Poole, Christchurch and surrounding areas. As a Woolsafe Approved Service Provider we specialise in carefully cleaning high quality tufted and hand knotted wool rugs. We clean Indian, Chinese, Moroccan, Persian and Turkish rugs using Woolsafe products and by immersing in our rug washing pit to guarantee the best results possible. Modern rugs made from all styles of synthetic fibres including nylon, polypropylene and wool mixes can sometimes be cleaned by immersion as it is well suited to the removal of pet odours.

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Using a grid mesh under a rug placed face down to beat the soil out from the base of the pile letting it fall to the floor

1.   Dry soil removal

We need to beat the soiling out to ensure maximum removal before any moisture is introduced. This is done with the rug upside down and mounted on a grid to allow soil particles to fall out of the rug pile. We subsequently use a powerful upright vacuum cleaner to remove the dry soil from both sides of the rug.

2.   Pre treatment

We also apply a Woolsafe cleaning pre spray to assist with the soil removal. This increases the chances that all of the marks on the rugs will be removed in the wash pit. On modern synthetic rugs more powerful cleaning products can be used to break down this soil and separate it from the fibres.

Applying a pre treatment spray to a wool rug before cleaning
Treating a mark on a wool rug with a spot removal spray

3.   Spot removal

After the dry soil is removed we treat any spots with Woolsafe solutions to allow time for them to be removed prior to washing. This pre treatment will help with the removal of many of these marks when the rug is immersed in the wash pit and cleaned with a Woolsafe shampoo for rugs.

Cleaning a wool Chinese rug by brushing a woolsafe shampoo through the fibres whilst it is fully immersed in our rug cleaning pit

4.   Agitation

To remove the maximum amount of soil we brush the rug pile to help the cleaning solutions contact the soil deep in the carpet. This ensures the maximum amount of soil is removed whilst immersed in the wash pit. A Woolsafe shampoo is used with brushing to clean whilst immersed.

5.   Final rinse

When all pre treatments have been completed the rug will be thoroughly rinsed. This will remove all the cleaning residues. Finally all residual moisture will be extracted enabling the fibres to dry. Any fringes will be separately cleaned and treated to remove any browning issues.

A wool rug having all the cleaning products washed out of it with a fresh water rinse
A couple of rugs hung up on a drying rack to allow them to dry out fully before treating the fringes

5.   Drying and pile setting

After cleaning we hang rugs on a drying rack to allow them to fully dry out then we treat and dry the fringes. We use air blowers and dehumidifiers to speed up this process. The pile is aligned during cleaning and when dry it is brushed out again with a pile brush. 

An Iranian wool rug that had been cleaned with a dry compound due to the dyes being likely to run if water was used

Dry Compound Cleaning

On some water sensitive fibres it is not safe to clean with water so we use solvent and dry compound instead. This ensures cleaning is able to be performed but without the use of water based cleaning solutions. This method allows the capture of soiling into the compound where it is trapped ready for extraction with a vacuum machine when dryed out.

After cleaning services: -

Stain Protection 

After cleaning the rugs can be treated with a stain protector to help guard against further staining in the future. This can be applied after it is cleaned and dryed ready for when the rug is returned to you.


Shown here is the effect of moth larvae feeding on the keratin in the wool fibre. They hatch in the pile and consume it whilst growing. We can apply a moth proofing treatment to wool rugs to prevent insect infestations or supply it in a bottle for you to use where required. Find out about our mothproofing treatment here.

A Persian wool rug with damage caused by carpet moth



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