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We offer the most thorough high performance truckmounted carpet cleaning in Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch and surrounding areas. As a Woolsafe Approved Service Provider we specialise in carefully cleaning high quality tufted and woven wool carpeting and all styles of synthetic fibres including nylon, polypropylene and wool mixes. We work to the highest standards possible and take great care to ensure the service provided meets or exceeds our exacting customers requirements.

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An upright vacuum cleaner being used on carpet

1.   Dry soil removal

This is always the first step in all our cleaning processes. On carpeting we use a powerful upright vacuum cleaner to remove the dry soil, grit and dust which can make up 80% of the insoluble soiling in the carpet.

2.   Pre treatment

Targeting the remaining 20% we apply an Eco-friendly pre conditioning spray. This starts to break down this remaining soil and separate it from the carpet fibres.

A pre treatment spray being applied to a carpet
Spot removal gel being applied to a carpet

3.   Spot removal

Any spots, marks and staining will be individually treated with a range of solutions to help remove them before, during or after cleaning. 

Brushing the pre treatment spray into the fibres to maximise soil removal

4.   Agitation

To improve the chances of the maximum amount of soil being removed from the carpet fibres we brush the carpet to increase the chances of the cleaning solutions contacting the soil deep in the carpet.

5.   Extraction rinse

When all treatments have been completed the carpet will be rinse extracted with a hot water rinse to remove all the residual soiling leaving the carpet completely clean.

Extraction cleaning the carpet with a floor wand to remove the cleaning products and residual soiling
An air blower drying the freshly cleaned carpet

6.   Drying and pile setting

After cleaning we will ensure the pile is aligned either using the wand or a pile brush.

If required when the cleaning is completed we can deploy air blowers to help reduce drying times. 

During cleaning our service includes: -

The moving of sofas, tables and empty furniture whenever possible with our furniture sliders which are put under the furniture legs to enable easy sliding without damaging the fibres of the carpet.

We place protective pads underneath furniture legs or wheels after cleaning to protect against any moisture causing furniture staining.

These plastic pads should be left under furniture untill the carpet dries. 

Table leg with furniture slider underneath it
Styrofoam block under the furniture leg to prevent it touching the carpet during drying
Lifting a sofa up to put furniture sliders under the feet to enable easy movement during the cleaning process



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Mobile: 07940 734964

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